About Doral Academy

Part of the nationally acclaimed Doral Academy, Inc. network of charter schools. Doral Academy of Texas will be a replication of Florida’s top performing Doral Academy of Technology located in Miami. Doral Academy of Technology, one of the highest performing schools in Florida, a STEM academy that prepares students for high academic performance, stimulating their lifelong love of math and science and creates new pathways for them to pursue academic and professional careers in the fields of Math, Science, Engineering and Technology.


In 2015 Doral Academy of Technology’s campus was nominated for the American Institute of Architects People’s Choice Awards for Best Design. The school’s award-winning facilities include fully equipped classrooms, labs, art rooms, a band room, production rooms, ball fields, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, and a brand new, top-notch football field.

For more information on Doral Academy, Inc. please visit https://www.doralacademyschools.org/